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Wealth creation through association

What We Do

We support you from pre-acquisition to post-acquisition.

We assist and co-invest with high worth in individuals and institutions in real estate in Switzerland. We facilitate direct sole investments, club deals and real estate fund in investments. Our client responsibility is end-to-end from acquisition to asset management to exit. Our business is about building long term trusted relationships with hand-picked clients. Our name SwissInc and its underlying reputation is our most important asset that we carefully preserve.

We offer an end-to-end solution from acquisition to exit.


  • Source and test the best properties
  • Understand investor requirements
  • Match tested properties to investor requirements
  • Manage the due diligence process: technical, legal, construction, valuation
  • Structure financing, tax, legal, accounting requirements
  • Manage ownership transfer process

Asset Management

  • Achieve expected yields
  • Maximize yields: escalations, tenant mix, capex, opex, financing, enhancement, etc.
  • Report monthly on issues, progress, performance, enhancements, etc.
  • Meet quarterly, half yearly as required


If required manage the exit sales process

Why Swiss Real Estate?

For outsiders it's impossible to have access to the best property investment opportunities offering attractive long term yields and capital appreciation. The Swiss culture is very reserved whilst the market is extremely discreet.  The cantonal system complicates transactions as the rules and laws vary consistently from town to town, city to city, region to region, all the time. 

The best real estate is traded by word of mouth and only the less desired properties are known publically.

  • The liquidity of Swiss individuals, family offices, institutions and pension funds result in them snatching up the best opportunities.
  • In Switzerland it’s often more important in the local community to whom a property is sold than its price.
  • Every sale has to be approved by local authorities and communities.
  • Following the global clamp down on tax evasion and money laundering, financial institutions require full access and see through of investment structures.

With dual Swiss and South African citizenship, we understand both cultures well, with established and credible relationships in place, creating win-win solutions and value creation for all stakeholders involved, and navigate the process effectively with long term goals in mind.

Why Switzerland?

Swiss property investments continue to enjoy immense global popularity, as Switzerland continues to strengthen its extraordinary respected first world position. The unparalleled infrastructure and building quality is supported by sound legislation to govern and protect it’s property as- sets, facility management and the rental/leas- ing market.

Switzerland is renowned for its stable heritage i.e. political, social, economic, legal, education, scientific, R&D, etc. This stems over centuries rooted in its uncompromised value system evident at all levels of society e.g. quality, precision, respect, pridefulness, thoughtfulness, decision making, etc.

Switzerland’s attractive low tax regime and central location in Europe with several international airports, is proving ideal as a global head office base, creating a solid tenant demand for investor opportunities.

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